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PT. Dwida Jaya Tama is a private owned company which established in 2006. At the beginning our business was more focused on educational equipment trading company. As the growth of the market in Indonesia, we decided to broaden our horizon by starting to manufacture the educational equipment by in-house production. As the time goes by, we managed to manufacture teaching aids for primary and secondary level, now we manufacture equipment to all educational level.

It is our goal to provide the best and highest quality to all manufactured equipment with an excellent service as well. As we see the importance of increasing the quality in education, we encourage our team to expand more manufactured products in our factory. We also manage to have the best portofolio which give the best services. For the past ten years, we supported and provided the best equipment by both central government and local government in Indonesia. Beside that, we also expanding our market to private and international schools, institution and foundation.

As we continue to develop more models, innovations and pratical equipment we also provide the best guidelines to our user. By the help from our team, PT. Dwida Jaya Tama now has more than 4.000 products specialized in Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, History, language skills in both Bahasa and English, Pre - School, and Vocational Schools.

Marketing Strategy

It is our commitment to the customer to provide the best solution and excellent service. With a friendly approach our Business development Team will manage to always have the time accomodating our customers needs. In addition, you can also find our best list of products in the website.


To be the "One - Stop Education Solutions" in education sectors.


  1. Creating and marketing educational equipment. 
  2. Reaching the best quality products. 
  3. Providing the best solution and service to customer.

Managing business professionally with optimium resources and technologies, building mutual partnership, and committing to obey and fulfill all prerequisites legislation in Indonesia.

Team at PT. Dwida Jaya Tama

PT. Dwida Jaya Tama has two main assets to accommodate and to meet our target. Our employees and technology are the most important portion at the company. Beside using the best technology, we also provide training to develop our employees. We accommodate our employees needs to increase their skills.

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